JS 180

Technical Сharacteristics
Operating Weight, kg 19398
Loader shovel capacity, m³ 0.9
Maximum digging depth, m 6.6
Gross engine power, h.p. 123

This is a 19-tonne tracked excavator. An advanced hydraulic design and a durable frame provide fuel savings, productivity and long life.

  • The bucket tearout is 11,839 kg.
  • Stage 3 compliant JCB DIESELMAX engine.
  • Spacious, comfortable cab design with excellent visibility.
  • The JS 180 model creates its own class of construction equipment due to the powerful tearout and lift capacity, as well as a large and stable undercarriage and compact top part.
  • The installation of automatic power boost provides an instant power increase of up to 10% during tearout operations.
  • JCB’s Plexus Oil Filter System in the hydraulic circuit provides 1000-hour filter life and 5,000-hour oil life.
  • The double-element filters allow for 500-hour greasing and filter change intervals.
  • The self-diagnostic system with a computer self-test function provides service engineers with all important information.
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