JS 200W

Technical Сharacteristics
Operating Weight, kg 22809
Loader shovel capacity, m³ 1.19
Maximum digging depth, m 6.4
Gross engine power, h.p. 172

  • The increased efficiency Advanced Management System (AMS) operates in four working modes:     A (Auto) – auto shift from economy to maximum power provides excellent efficiency and power when necessary; E (Economy) – maximizes fuel economy during simple work tasks; L (Lifting) – hydraulic flow and pressure control for smooth operation and maximum lifting power; P (Precision) – smooth and sensitive productivity shift.
  • The working cycle is reduced due to the loader’s high speed and the powerful tearout.
  • During work with hard ground, the automatic power boost button increases tearout power by up to 10%.
  • The stabilizers and dozer blade are simultaneously controlled as well as separately, providing platform stability.


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