We realize that supporting our customers is a key to a long term partnership — therefore our relationship has only just begun when the machine is sold.

The old adage may have been written especially for “PROLINK CASPIAN” that the salesman sells the first machine to a customer, and the service department through good support sells the next ten!




 1. Our company operates several crews of technicians. Each crew equipped with pick-up truck supplied with set of tools that helps them to be always ready to work at any required time and in any location of Azerbaijan. Our maintenance schedule allows us to have technicians available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week;


2. Highly qualified specialists of service point get training in accordance with normative of manufacturer;


3.The total area of service point is more than 800m2;


4.Warranty of 12 Months / 2000 Hours.




Spare parts


1. The wide range of spare parts stock;


2.The ability of spare parts delivery within shortest time;


3.The ability of express delivery of spare parts.




 1.Various payment schemes: credit, leasing, direct sales: kredit, lizinq, birbaşa satışlar;


2.Number one in Azerbaijan in provision of technical support to equipment;; 


 3.Technical support on the machine on construction facilities of customers as well as in our facility;


4.Professional staff and services provide highly reliable, efficiently the most developed products in construction machinery and materials handling equipment;;


5.Complex approach to the service arrangement includes high-skill pre-sales, warranty and after-sales service, maintenance and spare part supply.



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